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  • Custom Workflow Management

  • Save time and take back control of your workflow by optimizing your stream of information. Set custom stages, automate redundant actions, grant differing levels of permission, and assign tasks all from Twona AMS' centralized and transparent Workflow Manager.

    • Configure your workflow
    • Centralize information
    • Automate redundant actions
Custom Workflow Management
Automatic Archive and Version Tracking
  • Automatic Archive and Version Tracking

  • Easily access a history of your artwork changes and let Twona AMS' Archive do all of the work for you. Automatically organize and track all versions of your artwork to find needed files at any given time from one transparent location, making both workflow organization and unexpected audits painless.

    • Automatically generate archive
    • View all versions of artwork
    • Centralize workflow

Quality Assurance with X-RAY

  • Detect every difference between your artwork, graphical or text-based, with Twona AMS' powerful X-RAY tool. Pinpoint changes and verify the precision of updates for foolproof quality control.

    • Compare and identify text differences in font, size, and style
    • View highlighted differences in graphics
    • Download reports with comments
    • Compare in your preferred file format: PDF, JPG, DOC, RTF, PNG, TIFF, SPL, XLSX
  • Excited to try X-RAY today? Click here to start your free 14-day trial

  • Internal and External Approval System

  • Simplify the process of requesting and receiving approvals both within your team and with your external partners with Twona AMS' Approval System. Do your external partners not use Twona AMS? No problem. Twona AMS connects external parties to the central system with a simple email link, providing the required visibility without the extra steps.

    • Assign approval requests
    • View comments on artwork
    • Send and receive external approvals
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Internal and External Approval System
Automated Design Creation with Daedalus
  • Automated Design Creation with Daedalus

  • Save time by setting standard styles and let Twona AMS' Daedalus tool automatically generate your artwork while following regulatory, marketing, and technical requirements. Speed up your design process for general designs and free your time to prioritize manual tasks that need your attention most.

    • Save time in mass generation of generalized artwork
    • Set standard formats for your unique packaging standards
    • Create ideal conditions for automatic generation