Getting started with Twona AMS

Do you have questions about getting started with Twona AMS? See some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started below, or message us directly.

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  • What are the first steps in signing up for Twona AMS?

    Starting with Twona AMS is easy. If you are a Goldish or Tuna user, simply go to our pricing page and click “Start Today” to gain access.

    To start using Twona AMS as a Whale user we will work together to discover your specific needs and see how Twona AMS can address them. The first step to start using Twona AMS on the Whale level is to arrange a demo with us where we will show you an overview of Twona AMS and find out more about your specific needs.

  • How do I schedule a demo and what should I expect?

    To schedule a demo simply click here and fill in the required information. We will then confirm a time slot of 30 minutes for the demo to take place. You will receive an invitation to the demo via email which connects you to us during the appointed time. During the demo we will show you Twona AMS' interface, the general functionality of Twona AMS, and any areas that are of specific interest to you.

  • How much does Twona AMS cost?

    Twona AMS has a variety of packages and options for teams of all sizes and budgets, from pre-selected options to more specialized plans.
    Find your fit below:

    • Plans & Pricing
      • Goldish - Free

        For small teams of up to three users looking for help with basic workflow management, the Goldish plan is free to use at no cost.

      • Tuna - €29 per user

        If you have a team of 4-20 users and are looking for more advanced AMS options, the Tuna plan may be for you. The Tuna plan is priced at €29 per user, per month billed annually, or €34 per user, per month when billed monthly.

        Whale - Custom

        The Whale package is designed for larger teams of 20 plus users, or teams with more specialized needs. On the Whale level, pricing is determined based on the number of users that will be using Twona AMS and the specific needs of those given users. You can anticipate this cost to fall between the range of €7-50K annually.

        For prospective Whale users we are happy to provide a quote after learning more about your specific workflow requirements through a demo. Simply arrange a demo with us to get started.

    • Customer success package - (Whale Only)

      Our customer success package includes all that you need to ensure Twona AMS is working its best for you. For your onboarding consultation we explore your current artwork management process and map out how we can optimize your unique operation. We will discuss your specific challenges and discover areas of improvement in order to configure Twona AMS' system in a way that thoroughly addresses your needs. Points of transition that influence the nature of your customer care package include how you currently manage your artwork process (digitally vs. manually), if you’re using or have used an artwork management system in the past, the complexity of your current process and how many steps are involved, how many users will be involved, which external tools you wish to integrate, what third party systems you would like to connect, etc.
      Once your system is in place you will receive personalized training on Twona AMS' use. Your unique company fingerprint influences how much time we dedicate to your customer success package. You can expect your customer care package to amount somewhere between the range of €6-40K as a one time payment.

    • Validation

      Depending on your industry, you may require validation for your system. In our experience, this is often the case for life sciences/pharmaceutical companies. This support can range from no involvement to full assistance in completing the Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification documentation required for validation. Our involvement in the validation process is completely dependent upon your request. You can expect the validation process to range from €5-40K per validation. If you would like to receive more information regarding the specific validation assistance we provide please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

  • How quickly can I start using Twona AMS?

    For Goldish and Tuna users, Twona AMS can be used immediately after validating your email address.

    As a Whale, you can anticipate being able to use Twona AMS at its full capacity within one week to a few months depending on the transition path you select and your unique company characteristics.

    Whale Users Transition Process
    • Agile Transition - 1 week to 4 weeks

      For companies who do not require prior validation and assess the implementation of Twona AMS as low-risk, we recommend choosing the Agile Transition to getting started. Agile Transition is centered on quick use, co-discovery, testing, and learning by doing. Following agile methodology, we work with you in sprints to discover how best to configure Twona AMS' system to your needs. This means that you will start using Twona as quickly as possible (1-4 weeks) with adjustments to your system and training taking place throughout your initial months of use. Validation for this option can occur after your unique Twona AMS system is solidified, approximately after 10-12 months of use. Validation within the Agile Transition path typically occurs more quickly than with the Traditional Transition route.

    • Benefits of Agile Transition include:
      • Lower cost
      • Quicker benefits
      • Highly-tailored system
      • Easier validation process
    • Traditional Transition - 6 months to 12 months

      For companies which require prior validation and prefer to implement Twona AMS after completing a RFP, we recommend choosing the Traditional Transition to getting started. When choosing the Traditional Transition path you will likely first create an RFP before using Twona in your company. This means that the system will be validated prior to use and will have been tested in a production environment. Any necessary integrations will also take place prior to your use of the system. You can expect more system stability when selecting the Traditional Transition path.

    • Benefits of Traditional Transition include:
      • Prior validation
      • Lower risk
      • Higher implementation familiarity
      • Less uncertainty

      Below you will find some of the main factors that influence how quickly you can start using Twona AMS. If you would like to receive a time estimate on your implementation process please feel free to contact us.

    • Validation

      The degree of validation assistance you require will influence the amount of time it takes to implement your Twona AMS system. Depending on your industry, you may require validation for your system. In our experience, this is often the case for life sciences/pharmaceutical companies. This support can range from no involvement to full assistance in completing the Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification documentation required for validation. Our involvement in the validation process is completely dependent upon your request.

    • Company size

      Your company size will influence the amount of time it takes to implement your Twona AMS workflow. Large companies typically have more complicated artwork management processes and more users, resulting in more time needed to complete the initial configuration and training required in our customer success package.

    • Complexity of your workflow

      Every workflow is unique with differing stages, participants, paces, and overall complexities. These unique characteristics can influence how quickly you are able to start using Twona AMS. More complex workflows require more time for configuration and training. In our experience we have seen the most complex workflows in the Pharma industry with less complex workflows in Food and Retail.

  • What type of training do I need?

    The type of training you receive with Twona AMS depends on your package.

    With all our packages, including Goldfish and Tuna, you have access to our web-based support and can access learning materials, such as guided video tutorials, emails, articles, etc. for free

    As a Whale user you will receive extended and personalized training. Typical training for Twona is provided by your dedicated customer support specialist and divided into main two sections: onboarding and ongoing training. The length of your training for either segment varies depending on your specific company profile and is influenced by factors such as your transition path, the size of your company, the complexity of your workflow, and any internal shifts within your organization. Your given customer support specialist will tailor your training scheme to precisely fit your company needs.

    • Whale Onboarding

      During your onboarding you can expect to learn everything related to Twona AMS framed in your specific environment. We guide you in setting workflow specifics and make sure the Twona AMS landscape is prepared for you to “go live.” Your onboarding process can come in the form of any combination of custom-made live and downloadable webinars, live video demonstrations, and onsite training when travel permits. The delivery process of your onboarding is dependent on your request and specific company needs. When designing your onboarding package, we consider factors such as company size and language. If one of our customer support specialists does not speak your desired working language it is possible for us to create dedicated content in your preferred language.

    • Whale Ongoing training

      Your ongoing training has to do with all additional support that you need after you start using your Twona AMS system. Teams change, processes are restructured, and you grow; that is why Twona AMS is designed to grow with you. Twona AMS is built to be fine-tuned to your organizational fingerprint and adjusted as your needs develop. Ongoing training is provided by our customer support specialists as these changes occur. Your ongoing training requirements will differ based on how dynamic your company structure is and how your need for Twona AMS shifts over time. As with our onboarding process, your ongoing training will be uniquely designed for what is most advantageous for your novel use.

  • What resources are available when I have a question or need support?

    We provide both direct contact and self-service options depending on your package. All users of Twona AMS are welcome to access our resource database where you can browse detailed instructional and how-to articles in addition to over 40 videos on how you can use Twona AMS most effectively.

    When starting with Twona AMS as a Whale user you are assigned your own dedicated support manager who is at hand to help you with all of your Twona AMS needs. You can reach out to your support manager via email or arrange a call.