Twona Developers


Twona X-RAY has the power to extract and analyze text. This technology has the potential to be applied to new ways of streamlining the Artwork Management process.

Selecting suitable label names for packages is a task that can potentially be automated. How can we utilize existing X-RAY technology to further enhance Twona AMS ? How can we better automate artwork creation by simplifying the text selection process?

Aim of the experiment
  • Use existing technology to extract text from image or text file.

  • Categorize the extracted text.

  • Generate label suggestions.

  • Complete the first step of auto-labelling artwork.

How to use
  1. 1

    Upload your file (pdf, img, doc, png, etc.)

  2. 2

    Press “Get Labels”.

  3. 3

    View Content and Label Suggestions.