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The Artwork Management System

logo The Artwork Management System ... that will help you optimise your artwork process.
Workflow Management, Versioning, Text and Graphic Comparison and Design Automation.

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  • Delayed artworks

    Worried about delivery times?

    Overhead is one of the biggest challenges in high throughput design environments.

    Archiving, filing, renaming, notifying and tracking take up more and more of your time.

    Wouldn’t you rather be able to focus on design?

  • Complex processes

    Emails, phone calls, notes, files, shared folders, annotated artworks...

    Are you finding it hard to keep up with it all?

    Design processes should be clear and simple so that everyone involved understands exactly whats going on.

  • Too many reworks

    Changes, revisions, edits and more changes.

    Think you’re done? Think again!

    Reworks are expensive and frustrating.
    If everyone involved is on the same page one iteration should be enough. Right?

The Features

Customisable workflows

Define the workflow that best fits your team with an easy Wysiwyg editor.

Label based archive

Define labels for your artworks based on your preferences. Filtering and retrieving is no longer a memory game.

Email notifications

Get notifications on your mailbox for those important milestones in your artwork processes.

KPI reporting

Identify critical aspects in your workflow by means of relevant performance metrics.

Automation engine

Get the best out of your team by automating those silly tasks: notifications, strict approval processes, tracking and many other.

Artwork comparison

Reduce quality assurance time by means of automated artwork content and graphic comparison.

Artwork versioning

Forget about overwriting critical files, Good Manufacturing Practices is in our DNA.

Artwork annotation

Simplify the change requests by annotating your artworks right on your browser.

Who is using it


Can I collaborate with other people?

Twona implements user groups that allows you to grant personalised access to specific artworks and workflow stages.

Is twona GMP compliant?

Twona is built with GMP compliance in mind. We are currently working on obtaining different certifications.

Where will my artworks be hosted?

We offer different hosting solutions, including on-the-cloud and dedicated hosting machines with one of our trusted hosting specialists.

Can I design artworks using twona?

We provide consultancy and plugin development solutions. Daedalus is an intelligent assisted design plugin that will allow you to do precisely that. Contact us for more info.

Is twona suitable for my industry?

Twona is a generic artwork and workflow management system. We have experienced first hand the benefits of twona in the pharmaceutical, labeling and production/design industry.

Can we integrate twona with our ERP/CRM software?

Twona is built upon a core system that implements an API. Contact us for more info.