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One Artwork Management System that does it all, designed by those who understand your challenges the most - your fellow industry professionals.


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Why Twona?

Twona focuses on delivering an Artwork Management Software (AMS) that makes your life easier. Gain the benefits below without losing the familiarity of your own workflow — maximizing your productivity is easier than you think.

Create a comprehensive & centralized strategy

  • Reach the market faster
    Reach the market faster

    Cut down the time it takes to get your products on the shelf

  • Simplify communication
    Simplify communication

    Automate reminders and keep communication in one place for more efficient collaboration

  • Scale and grow
    Scale and grow

    Handle larger quantities of artwork and versions

Prevent errors & protect your brand

  • Identify graphic and text errors
    Identify graphic and text errors

    Spot differences with technology more powerful than the human eye

  • Protect your brand image
    Protect your brand image

    Make both recalls and delays to market things of the past

  • Incorporate compliance and regulatory
    Incorporate compliance and regulatory

    Effortlessly integrate requirements into your process

Gain a deeper understanding of your workflow

  • Gain insight
    Gain insight in performance

    More easily analyze company-wide and individual performance

  • Identify bottlenecks
    Identify bottlenecks

    Spot areas of improvement in your workflow; see what projects are behind and why

  • Utilize desired KPIs
    Utilize desired KPIs

    Form a quantifiable understanding of your artwork management process

You take quality seriously; so do we

We know that quality translates to better business practices, better company growth, and most importantly better services for you. This is why Twona holds quality above anything else.

We’re proud to be

  • GMP Compliant
    GMP Compliant
    1. Traceability & Visibility
    2. High quality standard
    3. Regulatory commitment
  • ISO 9001 Compliant
    ISO 9001 Compliant
    1. High customer satisfaction standards
    2. Quality assurance
    3. Consistency
  • CFR 11 Compliant
    CFR 11 Compliant
    1. Audit Trails
    2. High Traceability
    3. Quality Control

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About us

Twona is an Artwork Management Software and Design Studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are proud to serve companies internationally in pharmaceutical, food, and retail industries with our software and design services since 2008. Our values are centered on making our customers lives as easy as possible with our SaaS solution and top notch customer service.

About us
  • 2002

    Before entering the market as a SaaS solution provider, we found our roots in Spain as a design agency in 2002. Specializing in the Pharmaceutical Industry with our design work meant that we encountered all of the challenges still typical of the field today: communication pains, difficulty versioning, quandaries with how to best organize, the list goes on. To overcome these challenges, and thanks in part to our team’s expertise in engineering, Twona was developed as an internal tool to share information with our own design customers and optimise our workflow.

  • 2008

    After maturing through our own use over the years, the utility of Twona was undeniable. Twona had sparked the interest of our own customers who wanted to utilize Twona for its multifaceted organizational benefits. This led us to recognize the larger need for a tool that can manage the precise workflow of pharma, food, and retail. In 2008 we completed our transformation from a purely service organization to a SaaS solution provider.

  • 2015

    At this point Twona’s growth had expanded far beyond our initial European operations. By 2015 we reached a global milestone, serving customers from all the way from North America to Asia. By becoming a truly international company in operational scope and product reach, we developed a deeper understanding of international business practices and a more specific understanding of our customers' differing needs. We consider this international understanding as one of our greatest unique assets.

  • 2019

    Recognizing the unique utility of our text and image comparison tool X-RAY we made the decision to release X-RAY as a standalone solution. We designed X-RAY with affordability and intuitive design in mind, making it the perfect fit for quick and easy quality checks without the need to download any complicated software.

  • Today

    Today we work with customers globally from international multi-market organizations to smaller local companies. Our presence is spread over twenty countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, India, Africa and South East Asia. We continue to strive in presenting the best that Twona has to offer in our software solution, design, and customer support excellence.