Twona X-RAY, The Artwork and Design Graphic Comparison Platform

Speed and precision at your fingertips


Speed and precision at your fingertips

No need to decide between speed and precision. Packaging, leaflets, inserts and more. See the cloud-based features below that make it all possible.

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  • Multi-format comparison


  • Multilingual verification

    Compare text in over 50 languages

  • Restful API integration

    Used for hardcopies and digital copies of: Folding boxes, Keylines, Patient inserts, Design proof, Print proof, Leaflets, Brochures, Manuscripts, Booklets, Cartons, Labels, Business cards, Flyers, Master files, Promotional material, etc.

  • Mobile Use

    Use all features from your mobile phone; take photos directly for comparison.


  • Side by side comparison

    Proofread your reference and target files side by side for easy viewing of graphics and text.

  • Cross-format comparison

    Compare text between brief and design file.


  • Crop

    Select only the areas you’d like to compare.

  • Exclude

    Remove unwanted areas in your comparison.

Compare graphics

Compare graphics
  • Flicker

    Flash automatically between your preferred files to easily detect differences. Combine this with the inspector.

  • Zoom

    Magnify desired areas of comparison.

  • Keyline setting

    Align automatically to keyline designs for graphic comparison.

  • Align

    Automatically align files to correct perspective distortion caused by bends in packaging, angles in photos, or files with differing sizes or placement of artwork.


  • Preview window

    View differences between your reference and target file in an individual “X-RAY” window when performing a graphic comparison.

  • Report

    Download a report with an overview of differences to share your comparison results.

  • Inspector

    Use the inspector view to see specified areas of change in your target file, reference file, and change box simultaneously.

  • Opacity control

    Control the opacity of your target and reference files to adjust your viewing preferences.

Compare texts

Compare texts
  • Unordered text comparison

    Compare files with differing text order, such as using a brief or regulatory document as a reference with a design document as a target.

  • Extract text

    Extract text from files for you to manipulate externally; generate extractable text from locked files.

  • OCR

    Use Optical Character Recognition on your locked files or photos to make text comparison possible and text extractable.


Last Review
  • Font type and size identifier

    Identify the type and size of font used in your artwork.

  • Font format identifier

    Identify punctuation, color, italics, bolding, case, and content changes.

  • Text matching

    Easily pair text in your target and reference files with a line that connects both versions.

  • Filter changes

    Filter text changes based on type - deleted text, inserted text, changed text, style change.

  • List of changes

    Browse a list of color-coded changes in your text comparison.

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