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Proceed with confidence.

Do you have questions about getting started, comparing text and graphics, or technical elements? See some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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    Getting started
  • What do I need to get started?

    To get started all you will need is an internet connection, a work email address, a computer or phone, and some artwork you would like to compare. When using X-RAY, we recommend using Chrome as your internet browser of choice.

  • Do I need to download anything?

    No. X-RAY is completely cloud-based and does not require any downloads - you can use X-RAY immediately from your phone, desktop, or laptop.

  • Graphic comparison
  • What changes does X-RAY detect in graphics/images?

    X-RAY detects any changes concerning the addition or removal of elements, changed placement, or color. See X-RAY image comparison in action “here”.

  • Can X-RAY detect color changes?

    Yes. Color changes are highlighted in the changes window.

  • What does the alignment feature do?

    The alignment feature automatically aligns your reference file and target file. The alignment feature is especially useful when comparing photos to pdfs and will correct any distortion caused by bent packaging or different angles that naturally occur when taking photos. See an example of the alignment function “here".

  • Can I crop images and files?

    Yes. You can use the “Crop” tool to select any specific parts of your artwork that you’d like to compare or exclude from comparison.

  • Text comparison
  • What changes does X-RAY detect in text?

    X-RAY detects deleted text, inserted text, and style changes (colors, font type, font size, font width). See X-RAY text comparison in action “here”

  • Can X-RAY detect font type and font size?

    Yes. X-RAY detects font type and font size. See X-RAY text comparison in action “here”.

  • What languages can X-RAY detect?

    TX-RAY detects over 50 languages. For a full list please see here

  • Can X-RAY be used on multiple pages?

    Yes. X-RAY can be used for multi-page documents.

  • What is OCR?

    OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition” and is a technology used to automatically identify text via visual cues. After identification, OCR then has the ability to translate identified text into simple text that can be used for data processing - simply put, text that you can copy and paste with your cursor. OCR is used in the absence of coded text, such as with closed files, pictures containing text, or handwriting.

  • When should I use OCR?

    OCR should be used on closed files or photos. If a file is open and text is easily read, you will receive better results not using OCR.

  • General
  • What type of files and formats can I compare?

    All standard word and image files can be used to compare -- doc, pdf, rtf, png, jpeg, jpg, tiff, spl, and xlsx, are all supported.

  • How can I use X-RAY from my phone?

    Go to the X-RAY website, login, and upload pictures directly from your phone or take a picture on the spot with your camera. Review your results straight from your phone.

  • How can I download a report to share?

    On both your desktop or mobile, simply press “Report” to download a pdf with your results.

  • What does a report include?

    For image comparison the report includes the target file, the reference file, the area of differences image, and the X-RAY image. For text comparison the report includes the target file with approved or rejected changes made as notes throughout.

  • Which plan is right for me?

    We have options ranging from individual to company-wide use. For individuals we offer a standard option for one user. For teams of 3-5, we have a standard group option. For larger team enquiries feel free to contact us for more details.

  • Do I need any other software?

    No. X-RAY is a standalone tool. All you need is access to Google Chrome for the best experience.

  • Technical
  • Does X-RAY run on Macs?

    Yes. X-RAY is compatible with Macs.

  • Are there any file size limits?

    No, there is no file size limit.

  • What are the systems requirements for X-RAY?

    To get the best out of X-RAY, we recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser of choice. X-RAY operates on both PCs and Macs.

  • Is X-RAY validated?

    Yes- X-RAY is validated. In fact, we have two versions running at any given time. You can choose to use the most up to date version of the software or you can opt in and use the validated version. If you need to use the validated version, please make sure you choose the add-on "validated" when subscribing. We will then provide the validation documentation every time a new version is validated.

  • Can X-RAY be used on closed/outlined files?

    Yes. X-RAY can be used on closed/outlined files. The OCR function can automatically identify text via visual cues. If possible we recommend using unlocked files when possible, as they get the best results.

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