We can help you improve your approval process

We can help you improve your approval process
  • If you are struggling to keep control of your document reviews, you came to the right place. Check from one single location all your project feedback and forget about inbox limitations or having to manually send reminders to approvers.

  • Start by filling the form and let the magic of Twona Approvals take over.

  • One single step can start the approval collection process. Each recipient accesses a personal, secure URL where they can review the documents, add their notes, leave messages, attach extra files, and provide the final verdict: Approve or Reject.

Your benefits

Your benefits
    • Secure distribution

      • Double-step verification before distributing your files.
      • Files are only sent after you confirm your identity.
    • No failed messages due to inbox limits

      • Since you are not attaching files, there are no limitations to the size of documents to share.
      • No more returned messages because the receiver’s mail server does not accept large attachments.
    • Secure access to files

      • Access your own approval page from a personal, secure link.
    • Multi-user approval

      • Approvals can run in parallel, so you do not need to wait for others to give your comments.
    • Use email only to request an action, not as an approval tool

      • Are you missing feedback? No worries! Reminders are sent automatically so that no-one forgets.
      • And, when all the approvers have given their input? You get notified so you know to go check.

Your benefits
We can help you improve your approval process
    • Aggregated feedback

      • All feedback, notes, messages, attachments, and approvals/rejections are visible in one secure page, so you do not miss anything.

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